Link building to increase the ranking of your website in google

SEO is the effective tool to increase the visibility of the website, popularity of the website and google ranking of the website. Without SEO there is no chance for taking the website to all the people. SEO uses various techniques to bring the audience from one website to other website to increase the number of visitors to the website. The one of the main technique used by SEO tool like to increase the popularity of the website is link building. It is nothing but linking the web pages of the unfamiliar website with the website that has high quality backlinks. Google always recognizes the website with high quality backlinks to list it in the first few pages of the search result.

Every individual and the business with website expect that their website should be listed in the first few pages of search results which are not possible if there is no link building. Google will list only the website with high rankings in the first few pages. To increase the ranking it is better to link the unpopular website with the popular websites that is listed in the first few pages. This is done with linking the web pages of the two sites using the common keyword that is most used by the user.

Link generation

Link building can be done through generating links through comments, articles, social media and bookmarks. The SEO expert service you hire for your website should know about what amount of links is good because generating more number of links for link building in a short time is not advisable. Another important thing is we should not link the website with banned and illegal websites and also with sites like pornography, casino and gambling.

SEO expert have to buy backlinks or generate high quality links periodically which will increase the visibility, popularity and google ranking of the website.